Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emma Roberts - Hollywood's Hottest Young Smoker

Move over there is a new young beauty on the scene in Hollywood. Well maybe not new in Hollywood as Emma Roberts has been around a few years on the acting scene, but definitely new as an out in the public smoker. Over the last year Emma Roberts has not been afraid to flaunt her smoking and has even been a bit outspoken about it. Quite brash and a bit sexy for someone so young.

Pictures of Emma Roberts smoking have been surfacing slowly but regulary for about a year now. Pretty much everytime a new candid hits it is stunning. Emma Roberts is truly Hollywood's hottest young smoker.

She has been acting for years getting a foothold in the industry as a result of being related to Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts. As a youngster she got solid roles in Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs. She has already smoked onscreen in Lymelife and her smoking scene in The Art of Getting By is fabulous. With new movies Adult World and Celeste and Jesse Forever we can only hope for more scenes. She is definitely not shy about smoking in the movies or out in public.

Below are three more wonderful pictures of Emma Roberts smoking. She is easily my pick for Hollywood's hottest young smoker right now. Be on the lookout for more wonderful pictures of her to surface in the weeks and months ahead!


Anonymous said...

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Looks great! So hot!

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