Tuesday, May 14, 2013

President Obama using the IRS for Political Purposes

I know the Right has thrown accusation after accusation of improper behavior and abuses of power at the Obama Administration for years now.  It seems the latest round are extremely creditable and President Obama is going to have his Presidency devalued beyond repair.  First the Benghazi coverup is becoming increasingly more obvious despite Obama'a denials.  The latest round of Congressional hearings have proven the White House lied and covered up the truths of the terrible events.

Now we have admissions and evidence of the Obama Administration using the IRS for political purposes. The IRS singled out and harassed conservative political groups, including during the election year of 2012. The mere mention of the IRS understandably sends a jolt of anxiety through most Americans, so the implications of this conduct for Tea Party and other conservative groups are obvious. This was the worst kind of dirty politics, and an affront to even the most basic trust in government.
While the IRS admitted this egregious conduct, already there have been lies peddled about the depth and scope of this malfeasance. At first we were told that the breaches were limited to low-level civil servants in a few field offices. But that was also false, as we now know Washington DC-based IRS officials were involved too.
The familiar script from Obama and his phalanx of public relations protectors in the White House--that the IRS abuses are not political, and only those who want answers have any political motivations--sounds increasingly obtuse, and pathetic. All the obfuscation on these issues come from the same direction, and benefit the same side of the political aisle.
And ultimately, incompetence and ignorance are poor excuses for a chief executive. The president can only claim he didn't know what his agencies were up to so many times.