Monday, April 27, 2015

The Freddie Gray Baltimore riots

Well once again the Black community is out of control.  Rioting, looting and running amok in the city of Baltimore.  I cannot say that I am surprised.  It is really sad how this group of African Americans behave. Even dumber is the fact that they always seem to burn, riot and loot their very own neighborhoods and local business.  The sad part is that the police refuse to react.  Seven officers injured.  Several police vehicles destroyed.  Sorry.  We should just shoot these thugs. The world would be a better place and the US taxpayer would not have to pay welfare, healthcare and food stamps for all these losers.

If you have ever seen the HBO documentary 12 O'Clock Boys you would not be surprised by any of the rioting.  The 15-30 year old Baltimore African Americans are nothing more than thugs and degenerates.  Just watch the documentary for proof as to how this bunch lives and the ridiculous morals that these people follow.

My point is that you never seem to see an upstanding, law abiding citizen in any of these cases.  Every single one of the high profile cases in the last year have always had an African American that has multiple prior arrests and is not much more than a thug.  Examples: Michael Brown.  Well maybe if you didn't just rob a convenience store and then confront a police vehicle that asked you to stop walking in the middle of a busy street there would have been no incident in Ferguson, Missouri.  Freddie Gray. 12 prior arrests for dealing narcotics.  2 prior arrests for burglary. 22 total prior arrests in the past 7 years!  Bottom line.  If you are a "law following" citizen you will never be in a situation to be injured or shot by a police officer.  I haven't seen one example yet where I actually thought it was an innocent, law abiding citizen that was the victim in any of these incidents.

So we will see where the Freddie Gray Baltimore riots lead.  Hopefully they do not carry on like the events in Ferguson.  It is jsut a matter of time before idiot like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up justifying the riots and looting.  A total waste.