Tuesday, July 22, 2014

President Obama Fundraises While Rome Burns

With turmoil in several regions of the world we have a President that would rather attend fundraisers than lead our country.

Recently I published an article stating how President Obama came to Texas and instead of going to the border to address and observe our out of control illegal immigrant problem he attended lavish fundraisers in Dallas and Austin.  Now we find that instead of being in the White House working on the issues of our country our President will be spending three days this week attending six fundraising meals that cost $10,000 a plate.

Israel is in the midst of a military operation in Gaza.  Russia just shot down a passenger jet in the Ukraine.  We have 60,000 illegal immigrants that have crossed our southern borders.  Texas Governor Rick Perry was forced to act on his own this week planning to send National Guard troops to the border.  His hand was forced after he pleaded with the President several times to take action.  Any action at all.  Instead President Obama asked Congress for $3.7 billion dollars of which over 90% would not be spent until after 2015.  The problem is NOW not 2016!  Meanwhile, Obama fiddles while Rome burns.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein ripped the President today saying he should put more energy into focusing on the events around the world.  She stated "The world would appreciate his increased attention."  That is the nice way of saying "get to work!"

John McCain said President Obama was AWOL.

Meanwhile, events around the world continue to spiral and Obama just attends lavish fundraisers.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rick Perry takes action while Mayor Eddie Guerra doesn't get it

By now we have all heard of Texas Governor Rick Perry's decision to send ten thousand National Guard to the Texas border with Mexico.  Spot on and a great move.  I echo what Perry said in that we seem to have a President that is either detached or just flat out doesn't care.  Obama's inaction is startling.  So Perry is taking action and I applaud him for it.

At least somebody is trying to d something about the border problem. The number of illegal immigrants that have crossed the border is approaching a whopping 60,000.  American taxpayers are footing the bill to feed, house and take care of these illegals.

So I am watching the local Dallas newscast tonight and they have an interview with Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra.  Wow now let me just say this guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  Firstly, he said he would rather have the money to care for these illegals than the National Guard on the border.  Well Mr. Mayor. We do not want to care for these illegals.  We want to stop them from crossing the border!  One fully that will be the purpose of the National Guard.  Not to change diapers and babysit.

Secondly, Mayor Guerra said he would rather have more border agents and law enforcement.  Well what do you think the National Guard are?  Goodness watching that interview was like watching a man that has no clue at all.  With leadership like this no wonder we have so many problems on the Texas-Mexico border!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Texas Tech fumbles in reinstating Nigel Bethel

Goodness how Texas Tech has dropped the ball on this one.  Not one ounce of integrity at all from Coach Kliff Kingsbury nor the Texas Tech Athletic Department.  It shows the sad state of college athletics that a person like Nigel Bethel gets reinstated to the football program and is allowed to keep his full scholarship after he punched Amber Battle breaking several bones in her face and requiring her to undergo surgery to correct the damage.

And when this incident occurred Texas Tech released the following statement: "Texas Tech Athletics has a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior."  Spot on.  Nigel Bethel was dismissed from the football program.  Spot on.  He should have been kicked out of there.

Now only a few weeks later Nigel Bethel is back on the Texas Tech football team.  What a joke.  Well I guess that zero tolerance policy went out the window.  Really sad.   I guess the top incoming freshman football recruit is more important than showing the world that punching a woman in the face is not acceptable behavior.  Just shows what a douchebag Kingsbury is.

So now Texas Tech is saying that Amber Battle initiated the incident.  A little trash talking gone too far.  Seriously?  A football player can't take a little trash talking on the basketball court so he hauls off and punches the girl in face

The Lubbock Avalanche Journal now is trying to downplay the whole incident sating "the altercation was minor."   I would not call an incident minor when the outcome is a broken face that requires surgery.  That's not minor in any way.

Great job Texas Tech for showing the world what a loser school really is and how a football program trumps proper behavior.  If Nigel Bethel was a 5th string linebacker I guarantee he would not have been reinstated.....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

President Obama wasting time with Fundraisers and Golf

We wonder why our country has so many out of control problems right now.  The terrible situation in the south with our border security.  Over 50,000 children have streamed across our border.  The majority of which will shrink into our society and be paid for by tax payer dollars.

The ineptitude of handling the multiple volatile situations in the Middle East.

The scandals at the IRS and the VA.

The disaster that is Obamacare bankrupting our government.  News just came out this week that up to a million of the seven million enrolled are illegal immigrants!

So now I will give you a couple of mind-boggling facts that will better explain our sorry state of affairs.  Barack Obama has been President for five years and 175 days.  Nearly 2000 days in total.  He has spent close to 200 days of his Presidency playing golf.  That's right on the golf course!  In 2013 alone, President Obama spent 30 days playing golf.  That is one whole month last year!

In addition to the nearly 200 days on the golf course, Obama has attended 393 fund raisers!  To put the excess in context.  Our last President only attended half that amount in his entire eight years in office total.  Think of the time wasted.  Basically a full year worth of travelling the US attending dinners and fundraisers instead of time actually spent running our country and actually dealing with these problems a hand.

Adding the golf with the fundraisers that is almost 600 days not governing.  Basically 30% of the time President Obama has been in office he has been doing junk when should be dealing with immigration, the Middle East, poverty the real issues facing the United States.  Well maybe tomorrow perhaps....opposite my bad he will be on golf course.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

President Obama to come to Texas and completely ignore Immigrant Problem

It is insulting that our President would willingly ignore the biggest issue facing our country today to instead come to Texas raise campaign money and give speeches.  President Obama is declining to visit our border to see and deal with the border first hand.  Instead he will be coming to Austin and Dallas to give speeches and collect money.

Republicans are blasting him.  The whole of America is waiting for him to deal with the influx of illegal aliens....most of them children.  Instead of sending these dependents back where they came from, today President Obama asked Congress for $1.8 billion dollars to care for these illegal immigrants.

Even Congressional Democrats are letting him have it.  Democrat Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said today "The United States cannot be expected to give sanctuary to everyone in the world.  I don't think it would hurt if he (Obama) visited the border, that would send a signal that he's concerned."

This President is so unpopular that he will be giving a speech in Colorado tomorrow and the top three ranking Democrats in the state, including the governor, will not even be in attendance.  They are avoiding him like the plague.

Then he comes to Texas.  Most definitely the one state in the union where he is disliked the most.  The state that prides itself on freedoms and the Constitution is tired of his socialist ways.  It will be most interesting to see the reception Obama gets.

In the end, how about stop roaming around giving speeches and collecting money and actually deal with the immigration problem.  Send these kids right back where the came from!   Otherwise the American taxpayers will end up paying their way.  Free healthcare.  Free education. Free school lunches. Free everything at yours and my expense.

How about picking these people up.  Asking them what their country of origin is.  Then putting them on a 747 and flying them home.  Drop off a couple of plane loads of these people at the airport in Guatemala City and say "here's your kids back." The immigrants would stop pretty quickly I bet.  That would be a heck of a lot cheaper than billions of dollars to take care of these people.