Monday, January 26, 2015

What is the deal with Democrats hating American Sniper?

What is the deal with Democrats hating American Sniper?  This is a supremely patriotic movie about honor, duty and patriotism.  Yet we have left wingers like Michael Moore, Seth Rogan and Howard Dean coming out ripping the movie and its message of protecting freedom.

It just goes to show how disconnected these liberal idiots are with middle America.  American Sniper is the most popular movie in the United States by a country mile.  It is breaking all the January records at the box office.  It sends a message of duty and being what Americans are all about.  Yet Howard Dean rants about the only people who are seeing American Sniper are angry, tea party Americans.  What?  This movie is on the way to making $300 million at the box office!

Then there is Seth Rogen who compared it to a Nazi propaganda film.  Seriously?  Sorry Seth, but you are clearly as dumb as the movies you act in.  All respect lost.  And not just from me.  A big chunk of Americans have written you off.

Finally Michael Moore.  Should we even talk about this nut?  Calling American Sniper a movie about a coward.  A man that protected US soldiers on every mission as they risked their lives protecting our freedoms.  Luckily we have wonderful men and women that fight for our rights to say stupid shit like Michael Moore does. The ultimate hypocrite who makes millions off his movies that call for socialism.

Whether you see American Sniper or not, you cannot deny the heroism, patriotism and heart of our soldiers.  It is not angry people only seeing this movie.  It is not only right wingers seeing this movie.  We are red blooded, proud Americans!