Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I ran into a guy from Chicago in Iceland

So I have a little story for you.  I ran into a guy while stopped at a hot spring in Iceland. True story before you say 'oh come on'.  This really happened.  I recently took a two week adventure vacation to Iceland.  So as I was heading over to the very impressive hit spring this older American man asked where I was from.  And I replied 'Texas' very proudly.  To my surprise he responded 'I wouldn't live in that shit hole state' and shook his head.

So I asked where he was from and he replied 'Chicago'.  I started laughing and said 'I saw on the news where 65 people were shot in Chicago just last weekend.  (Fact 10 killed and 55 wounded in gun incidents in Chicago just last weekend)  I asked him how those liberal gun laws were working out for him up there?

I also said 'if you like paying income taxes don't come to Texas because we don't have one.  But I almost forgot he was obviously an old liberal.  And liberals love to give the government more money to waste.  We simply must keep giving free money to all the people who produce nothing in this country i.e. Welfare.

You know how great Texas is in fact?   Heck they tried to have a terrorist attack here and we shot the two terrorists dead before they could even get into the parking lot.  They drove from Arizona for a terrorist attack and were promptly shot dead.  And then we didn't impound the car they came in.  We blew the damn thing up right there in the parking lot where the two terrorists were killed.

So Mr. Chicago.  You can keep your failed liberal gun laws that don't work (21% increase in gun violence this year alone).  And you can keep your crazy high taxes and failed socialist ideals.   We definitely do not want you in Texas.  Texans have far too many freedoms and liberties for you sir. You just never know who you are going to run into in the beautiful country of Iceland!