Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Australian Gun Ban 12 Months Later

As President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the United States continue calling for stricter gun laws we have no better example than to look to Australia.  The Liberal leadership Down Under called for a complete gun ban forcing all citizens to turn in their guns 12 months ago.  So now we have a solid 12 months of data showing just what happens when government goes crazy with gun laws.

We already know here in the USA that the areas with the strictest gun laws are also the areas that have the worst crime.  Look no farther than Chicago and Detroit.  Both have had Democrat leadership in place for over 50 years consecutively.  Also look at Washington DC, St Louis and Baltimore.  Super high crime rates with long term Liberal leadership and very strict gun laws.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just look to Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit for the result of Liberal Policy

When you think of the highest crime cities in the United States what cities come to mind?  Chicago. Detroit. Washington DC. Baltimore. Right?  Traditionally filled with gun violence. One person is shot in Chicago every two hours! So just what do these cities have in common?

They have all been controlled by Democrats for decades.  Chicago has had Democrat leadership for over 80 consecutive years!  Every mayor since the 1930s has been a Democrat.  Yet look at the disaster that Chicago has become.  Liberal gun policies. Liberal leadership. The most dangerous big city in the entire United States.

Should we even mention Detroit?  A dead city.  The inner city has turned into acres of pastures. Gun violence rules. The city has been bankrupt for years. Democratic leadership for 54 straight years. Every single mayor wince 1961.  Do we need better examples of how Liberal policies turn out after being in power for decades?