Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Australian Gun Ban 12 Months Later

As President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the United States continue calling for stricter gun laws we have no better example than to look to Australia.  The Liberal leadership Down Under called for a complete gun ban forcing all citizens to turn in their guns 12 months ago.  So now we have a solid 12 months of data showing just what happens when government goes crazy with gun laws.

We already know here in the USA that the areas with the strictest gun laws are also the areas that have the worst crime.  Look no farther than Chicago and Detroit.  Both have had Democrat leadership in place for over 50 years consecutively.  Also look at Washington DC, St Louis and Baltimore.  Super high crime rates with long term Liberal leadership and very strict gun laws.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just look to Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit for the result of Liberal Policy

When you think of the highest crime cities in the United States what cities come to mind?  Chicago. Detroit. Washington DC. Baltimore. Right?  Traditionally filled with gun violence. One person is shot in Chicago every two hours! So just what do these cities have in common?

They have all been controlled by Democrats for decades.  Chicago has had Democrat leadership for over 80 consecutive years!  Every mayor since the 1930s has been a Democrat.  Yet look at the disaster that Chicago has become.  Liberal gun policies. Liberal leadership. The most dangerous big city in the entire United States.

Should we even mention Detroit?  A dead city.  The inner city has turned into acres of pastures. Gun violence rules. The city has been bankrupt for years. Democratic leadership for 54 straight years. Every single mayor wince 1961.  Do we need better examples of how Liberal policies turn out after being in power for decades?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

TCU continues to win and gets mistreated by CFP

This article is just too spot on to not put here.  Any examination of how TCU has been handles by the College Football Playoff Committee is a pure joke.  TCU is 9-1 with their only loss a road game at #6 Oklahoma State. Over the course of the season the Horned Frogs have dropped from #2 all the way to #18 despite suffering debilitating injuries that have numbered over 20 players. The team is playing the most freshman in the entire nation currently with 29 hitting the field. Yet all they do is win. And drop in the polls.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Bernie Sanders Plan for America

So what have we learned about Bernie Sanders so far?  He is a 100% socialist.  Sometimes he says Socialist Democrat.  Other times he just calls himself a socialist. Either way the Bernie Sanders economic plan for the United States is worth looking at.  He wants free Medicare for all.  He wants free college for all.  Sounds all good.  But who pays for all that?

According to Wall Street Journal research, the Bernie Sanders plan would cost an additional $18 trillion over ten years.  That's crazy!  Consider the fact that our entire national debt is currently $18.3 trillion.  These Democrat policies are a disaster for our country.  Of course the poor love the ideas because they get more freebies for not working.  Barack Obama already added more to the United States National Debt than every single US President before him combined.  Bernie Sanders would double that!

So how would Bernie Sanders pay for his socialist ideas?  Raise taxes.  The tried and true Democrat idea.  Barack Obama didn't raise taxes enough, thus the monstrous rise in our national debt.  Obama just spent dollar after dollar after dollar and never paid for it.  Bernie Sanders has identified over $6 trillion in higher taxes for American citizens so far.  That would leave another $10 trillion to go onto the US National Debt.  Not what we need at all.  We will be Greece in no time under Bernie Sanders' socialist rule.

Some other socialists from the last century just to  freshen your memory.  Karl Marx with his Communist Minifesto.  Joseph Stalin.  Lenin.  Fidel Castro.

Enacting his program would be difficult, if not impossible, given that Republican control of the House appears secure for the foreseeable future. Some of his program would be too liberal for even some centrist Democrats. Still, his agenda articulates the goals of many liberals and is exerting a leftward pressure on the party’s 2016 field.

Americans clearly have not thought about Bernie Sanders in any detail.  They just see the only alternative to Hillary Clinton.  Every time I see Hillary Clinton all I can think of is liar.  I cannot stand her. But I can also see that Bernie Sanders would be far worse if he were elected US President.  And that is saying something.  Both Democrat options for US President are total disasters.  Bernie Sanders would bankrupt the country faster than the Democrats already are.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The newest Socialist Bill out of California AB-69

Once again California leads the country in Stupid.  Just listen to the details of AB-69 which is on its way to being passed by the California legislature. This is the dumbest idea ever, but I guess coming from the most messed up state in the USA I should not be surprised.  Democratic leadership has led the state to the brink of financial collapse as they push ultra socialist policies like AB-69.

So there will be no more leadership in the workplace.  No more managers.  No more bosses. Everyone treated equally.  Obviously this has not been thought out at all and it definitely is being pushed by people who have never had to lead a business in their lives.  But once again no surprise.  Just look at the disaster that is the California economy and social system.

The California Legislature is debating a bill that has passed through committee that would end hierarchy within a company.  The bill is considered a landmark bill by many to eliminate what has been referred to as “wholesale oppression” of employees of a company.

AB-69 details the terms which can no longer as stated in the law be used to “create a hostile work environment.” As codified in the law, the terms “supervisor, manager, overseer, team leader, leader, producer, director, controller, chair, boss, captain, head person, head honcho, authority, chief, chairperson, chairman, partner, inspector or any other term that may create a perception of inequity that an employee may perceive as harmful to their employment individuality.” Speaker Atkins stated, “This legislation in coordination with our recent law regarding bullying in the workplace will successfully create a harmonious environment for our residents which will enhance their life experience.”
How dumb is this idea?  It will create a harmonious environment where nothing gets accomplished.  It will establish an environment where there is no incentive to progress or advance.  But isn't that what welfare is?  Typical Democrats.  Trying to establish an environment where nobody strives to move forward.  Welfare does more to keep people down than help them.  Why go work or try to improve your life when you can sit at home and wait for a free check from the government?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I ran into a guy from Chicago in Iceland

So I have a little story for you.  I ran into a guy while stopped at a hot spring in Iceland. True story before you say 'oh come on'.  This really happened.  I recently took a two week adventure vacation to Iceland.  So as I was heading over to the very impressive hit spring this older American man asked where I was from.  And I replied 'Texas' very proudly.  To my surprise he responded 'I wouldn't live in that shit hole state' and shook his head.

So I asked where he was from and he replied 'Chicago'.  I started laughing and said 'I saw on the news where 65 people were shot in Chicago just last weekend.  (Fact 10 killed and 55 wounded in gun incidents in Chicago just last weekend)  I asked him how those liberal gun laws were working out for him up there?

I also said 'if you like paying income taxes don't come to Texas because we don't have one.  But I almost forgot he was obviously an old liberal.  And liberals love to give the government more money to waste.  We simply must keep giving free money to all the people who produce nothing in this country i.e. Welfare.

You know how great Texas is in fact?   Heck they tried to have a terrorist attack here and we shot the two terrorists dead before they could even get into the parking lot.  They drove from Arizona for a terrorist attack and were promptly shot dead.  And then we didn't impound the car they came in.  We blew the damn thing up right there in the parking lot where the two terrorists were killed.

So Mr. Chicago.  You can keep your failed liberal gun laws that don't work (21% increase in gun violence this year alone).  And you can keep your crazy high taxes and failed socialist ideals.   We definitely do not want you in Texas.  Texans have far too many freedoms and liberties for you sir. You just never know who you are going to run into in the beautiful country of Iceland!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Freddie Gray Baltimore riots

Well once again the Black community is out of control.  Rioting, looting and running amok in the city of Baltimore.  I cannot say that I am surprised.  It is really sad how this group of African Americans behave. Even dumber is the fact that they always seem to burn, riot and loot their very own neighborhoods and local business.  The sad part is that the police refuse to react.  Seven officers injured.  Several police vehicles destroyed.  Sorry.  We should just shoot these thugs. The world would be a better place and the US taxpayer would not have to pay welfare, healthcare and food stamps for all these losers.

If you have ever seen the HBO documentary 12 O'Clock Boys you would not be surprised by any of the rioting.  The 15-30 year old Baltimore African Americans are nothing more than thugs and degenerates.  Just watch the documentary for proof as to how this bunch lives and the ridiculous morals that these people follow.

My point is that you never seem to see an upstanding, law abiding citizen in any of these cases.  Every single one of the high profile cases in the last year have always had an African American that has multiple prior arrests and is not much more than a thug.  Examples: Michael Brown.  Well maybe if you didn't just rob a convenience store and then confront a police vehicle that asked you to stop walking in the middle of a busy street there would have been no incident in Ferguson, Missouri.  Freddie Gray. 12 prior arrests for dealing narcotics.  2 prior arrests for burglary. 22 total prior arrests in the past 7 years!  Bottom line.  If you are a "law following" citizen you will never be in a situation to be injured or shot by a police officer.  I haven't seen one example yet where I actually thought it was an innocent, law abiding citizen that was the victim in any of these incidents.

So we will see where the Freddie Gray Baltimore riots lead.  Hopefully they do not carry on like the events in Ferguson.  It is jsut a matter of time before idiot like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up justifying the riots and looting.  A total waste.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Returned series opener on A&E. Watch it!

I have been waiting on this one.  Having watched the entire Les Revenants last year on Starz I was really looking forward to thee American version.  Les Revenants was a hit in Europe made in France.  If you have not seen it, you simply must.  Brilliant is an apt description.  It made such a splash in Europe that we just had to copy it here in the States.  I had to tune in to see how the two versions compare and differ.

I am excited to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead on board.  I loved her in Scott Pilgrim.  I also immediately took to Camille.  Very well cast and true to the French character of Camille.  So far. So good.

It looks to be following pretty closely to Les Revenants and if that is the case this is going to be a hit in the US!  Prepare to be totally weirded out.  I expect The Returned to be just as dark and intelligent as the French version.  I will say the music was better in the French show.

It only takes us fifteen minutes to be introduced to the young boy as Julie drives by him in her car late at night.  She calls him Victor as he is not a talker.  You will love their relationship as it develops through the series.

The opening episode is moving much faster than the French version.  If I remember right Les Revenants used an entire one hour episode to introduce each character as they returned.  We have already met three in this opener of The Returned. That leads me to my main concern.  Character development.  In the French version you really got to know the characters and their struggles via the one hour episodes.  Hopefully the American version gives us the same amount of character development.

I'll not continue with the play by play.  All I will say is you need to watch The Returned.  I hope it is just a good as Les Revenants.  If it is even in the ballpark you will not be disappointed!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What is the deal with Democrats hating American Sniper?

What is the deal with Democrats hating American Sniper?  This is a supremely patriotic movie about honor, duty and patriotism.  Yet we have left wingers like Michael Moore, Seth Rogan and Howard Dean coming out ripping the movie and its message of protecting freedom.

It just goes to show how disconnected these liberal idiots are with middle America.  American Sniper is the most popular movie in the United States by a country mile.  It is breaking all the January records at the box office.  It sends a message of duty and being what Americans are all about.  Yet Howard Dean rants about the only people who are seeing American Sniper are angry, tea party Americans.  What?  This movie is on the way to making $300 million at the box office!

Then there is Seth Rogen who compared it to a Nazi propaganda film.  Seriously?  Sorry Seth, but you are clearly as dumb as the movies you act in.  All respect lost.  And not just from me.  A big chunk of Americans have written you off.

Finally Michael Moore.  Should we even talk about this nut?  Calling American Sniper a movie about a coward.  A man that protected US soldiers on every mission as they risked their lives protecting our freedoms.  Luckily we have wonderful men and women that fight for our rights to say stupid shit like Michael Moore does. The ultimate hypocrite who makes millions off his movies that call for socialism.

Whether you see American Sniper or not, you cannot deny the heroism, patriotism and heart of our soldiers.  It is not angry people only seeing this movie.  It is not only right wingers seeing this movie.  We are red blooded, proud Americans!