Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mafia Wars South Africa is live and running!

The new rollout in Mafia Wars is live and active.  It looks like the biggest and most dynamic world as of yet too.  Mafia Wars South Africa hopefully will add another dimension to the longtime popular Facebook game.

South Africa has it all.  New jobs and levels.  All new properties to build.  An area to rob and an area to fight and create all kinds of chaos.  New collections to bank.  And a new round of achievements too. 

From the map of South Africa it looks like there are eleven regions to Mafia Wars South Africa.  Only the Cape Town region is unlocked at the start, but with eleven potential regions, South Africa looks to be a massive upgrade.

I am plugging away on the Cape Town section right now and it looks like they have made it a bit more challenging as you are going to need a ton of Kuba Caps for each level.  So be prepared to use that energy collecting the caps.  South Africa also looks to be very energy intensive.  The lower level Mafia Wars players are going to have a real slog.  It is clearly designed for the higher level players.