Friday, September 25, 2009

Choosing Vory or Mafiya in Mafia Wars Moscow

Ok so there are two paths in Mafia Wars Moscow. Which to choose? Vory or Mafiya? Luckily one does not have to maked a choice right away. You are not locked in until the third mastery of the chapter. Up until then you can choose either.

There is alot of misinformation going around as Moscow is so new. Early word on the street is that Vory rewards and paths are more job based while the Mafiya is more fighting based with better weapons and defenses.

Here is what I recommend. First mastery of the side choose Vory. Take notes and pay attention to what you get along the way. Second mastery of the side take Mafiya. Once again take notes and pay attention. Talk to your friends and get their input. Upon the third mastery you will have a much better idea fo which sides suits you best for the long term.

Best of luck in Mafia Wars and feel free to leave any tips or comments.

More on Mafia Wars Moscow Expansion

Well it looks to me like the dreaded untraceable cell phones and concealable cameras are going to be necessary at some point in Mafia Wars Moscow. The loot items on the first two Moscow jobs are cell phones and cameras. Hopefully the loot items are just to help people finish up New York rather than being needed for later in Moscow. We shall see.

I still need probably 50 to wrap up New York and the Cuba. I try not to do the cell phone job as it is a waste of energy doing a job I have already mastered. I would rather use the energy towards productive jobs that I have not mastered. Thus I get my cell phones from looting and rewards. Might have to change that strategy, but would rather not waste the energy. I'll just use the Moscow cell phones I get back in New York and pray we dont need more cell phones down the line in Moscow.

Looks like I will not have to choose sides in Mafia Wars Moscow until the third level. At that point you will have to choose a side to support and this will affect the final stage, boss battle and special loot item dropped at the end.

Again, any Mafia Wars tips are appreciated. Feel free to post in the comments.

Mafia Wars Moscow is Live Today!

Mafia Wars Moscow is live and running as of this morning! Lots of new fun and challenges ready for us. I am going to wait a couple of days before doing anything other than fighting and collecting money from the taxi business. I am very close to completing the entire Cuba level and want to go ahead and finish that up. It will also give me a couple of days to study Moscow so that I do not rush over there and make a mistake.

Money could be a problem in Mafia Wars Moscow, but we'll wait and see. The inventory items look to be quite expensive with the cheapest weapon a dubina for 500,000 rubles. The cheapest armor is 900,000 rubles. Cuba had money issues early on as it was tough to get going there as well. It looks like the businesses in Moscow are not to be bought but rather earned once you reach certain levels there. A new twist there.

It also looks like in Chapter 1 that there are mystery items required to do the jobs as there is a question mark next to the job requirements. Hope they aren't cell phones or something like that. Ouch. We'll find out soon enough.

Either way around it, Mafia Wars Moscow is an exciting new chapter in Mafia Wars and I am looking forward to embarking on it in a couple days once I wrap up Cuba. Any Moscow tips please post them in the comments below!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mafia Wars - Here Comes Moscow!

For all you Mafia Wars players out there, and there are an easy 5 million of us, get ready for Moscow. Yes, the Moscow expansion is coming soon....very soon. It couldn't come soon enough either as many of us are finishing or are alrady done with Cuba and ready for a new challenge. Moscow will require you to be at least level 70 to visit and word on the street is that Mafia Wars Moscow will be much much tougher then New York or Cuba.

New York was pretty much a breeze, with money easy to get and jobs definitely doable. The only real challenge of New York was getting enough of those damned cell phones to actually finish up.

Cuba was tougher for sure. Money was much more difficult to obtain and getting started took time. More challenging and more fun. I'm hoping Mafia Wars Moscow takes the same step forward.

The biggest difference in this expansion? Mafia Wars Senior Product Manager David Kahn says it will have, "a new look and feel," and, "will be much harder than other expansions we released before, more geared to higher level players, level 70-plus."

Also unlike the other Mafia Wars scenarios, missions will be broken down into chapters, and you will not be able to see the next set of missions until you complete a chapter and defeat the boss at the end. Players will also have to rely on friends more than before to defeat these high-powered crime lords.

Once Moscow is taken care of Mafia Wars players can look forward to Asia and Western US expansions as well.