Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton limping to a finish in Democratic Primaries

Only eleven months ago things looked so different.  Hillary Clinton had it made. Her trip to the White House was going to be a coronation.  Now everything has changed. Who would have thought we would be where we are now?

Bernie Sanders was no more than a blip on the radar.  A fringe socialist candidate at best.  Now he is giving Hillary Clinton fits at every turn. Still a raging socialist, but he has energized a base of youth that is rabidly loyal, yet sadly uneducated upon the failures of socialism.  Bernie followers are passionate. They are loud and faithful while Hillary can barely get applause at her low energy rallies.

On the other side, only eleven months ago Donald Trump was only then announcing his candidacy.  Completely dismissed at the time. Trump now dominates the headlines on a daily basis. He tends to pop off about people at inopportune times, but if you listen Trump's ideas on trade, foreign policy, and securing our borders are spot on.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton limps to a finish.  Bernie Sanders has won eleven if the last seventeen states and looks favorable to win a majority of the remaining contests.  If not for a completely rigged system the final delegate counts would probably end very close.  Instead, Sanders supporters have to deal with the sting of the Super Delegate which is exactly the type of elitist, big government establishment systems that they (and Trump supporters) are united against.

Nobody saw this coming. The sure deal of the Hillary Clinton campaign in deep trouble.  In three weeks she faces Bernie Sanders in California, the Democrat mother lode.....and she just may lose.  Hillary leads a divided party.  How can she unite the anti-Wall Street Sanders camp with her campaign which had received more Wall Street money than any Republican?

It is surely fair to say Hillary Clinton has failed to generate any real enthusiasm. The Hillary Clinton campaign is just limping to the finish line and it does not bode well for the coming general election this November.