Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Response to Free College Tuition

This message is to all you dumb college kids expecting the socialist Bernie Sanders to give you all free college or to all you dumb graduates in your early 20s expecting the socialist Bernie Sanders to forgive your debt.  Understand that YOU chose to go to the college you attended.  Understand that this is a free market, a free country and you could go anywhere you choose to get a college education. The debts you incurred are and were of your own choice. 

Why should a socialist like Bernie Sanders take my hard earned money away from me in the form of crazy taxes in order to pay off the debt you chose to take on?  I am not responsible for your choice of college.  I am not responsible for you taking on debt.  If your debt is too large you should have gone to a less expensive college. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Baylor Footbal - Multiple Rapes by Multiple Players

Baylor’s football program has gained national prominence in recent years, featuring a Heisman Trophy winner in Robert Griffin III and establishing themselves as the 2nd best program in the state of Texas behind TCU.  But under the watch of football coach Art Briles and the administration of university president Ken Starr (who gained fame, ironically, as the independent investigator of the sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky) perpetrators from the football team stayed comfortably on scholarship while the traumatized victims seeking university assistance were turned away, they said, in violation of Title IX.