Thursday, August 6, 2015

The newest Socialist Bill out of California AB-69

Once again California leads the country in Stupid.  Just listen to the details of AB-69 which is on its way to being passed by the California legislature. This is the dumbest idea ever, but I guess coming from the most messed up state in the USA I should not be surprised.  Democratic leadership has led the state to the brink of financial collapse as they push ultra socialist policies like AB-69.

So there will be no more leadership in the workplace.  No more managers.  No more bosses. Everyone treated equally.  Obviously this has not been thought out at all and it definitely is being pushed by people who have never had to lead a business in their lives.  But once again no surprise.  Just look at the disaster that is the California economy and social system.

The California Legislature is debating a bill that has passed through committee that would end hierarchy within a company.  The bill is considered a landmark bill by many to eliminate what has been referred to as “wholesale oppression” of employees of a company.

AB-69 details the terms which can no longer as stated in the law be used to “create a hostile work environment.” As codified in the law, the terms “supervisor, manager, overseer, team leader, leader, producer, director, controller, chair, boss, captain, head person, head honcho, authority, chief, chairperson, chairman, partner, inspector or any other term that may create a perception of inequity that an employee may perceive as harmful to their employment individuality.” Speaker Atkins stated, “This legislation in coordination with our recent law regarding bullying in the workplace will successfully create a harmonious environment for our residents which will enhance their life experience.”
How dumb is this idea?  It will create a harmonious environment where nothing gets accomplished.  It will establish an environment where there is no incentive to progress or advance.  But isn't that what welfare is?  Typical Democrats.  Trying to establish an environment where nobody strives to move forward.  Welfare does more to keep people down than help them.  Why go work or try to improve your life when you can sit at home and wait for a free check from the government?