Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Girls on HBO has just lost me

Well I'm sorry I just can't watch Girls on HBO anymore.  I thought season 1 was really, really good.  Season 2 was average and now season 3 has just devolved into some hodge-podge of characters.

Sorry it has just lost reality to me.  I guess in an effort to be hip and edgy and modern, the wonderfully talented Lena Dunham has assembled a cast of all queers and weird chicks.  Where are all the normal Americans?  This is nowhere close to real life to me at all.  If this is what the 20-something society is turning into we are in big trouble.  Luckily, I don't believe it to be true and judging from the floundering ratings, mainstream America doesn't identify with Girls either.

Maybe in backwards New York City, but definitely not like normal, mainstream America.  There is not one normal, average man on the entire show.  I think Adam's character is just wonderful, but that's it.  Way too many gays "gaying" everything up.

I also enjoy Shoshonna very much.  She just cracks me up with her views on life and her dialect.  Unfortunately she and Adam are about the only characters that interest me anymore o Girls.  The path that Girls has taken just does not interest me anymore.  I loved the "real" storylines of season 1.  Unfortunately they have been lost in the path to Girls season 3.

EDIT - I must admit the final three episodes were much better.  The traits that made me actually care about the girls were revisited and each of their individual journeys came back to the forefront.  Bring on Girls Season 4.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wendy Davis rips Ted Nugent - Not Smart

A word of advice to Wendy Davis.  You will not win Texas by ripping Ted Nugent.  There is almost no person in the entire United States much less Texas that defends our Constitution and individual rights more passionately than Ted Nugent.  He embodies the true Texan spirit.  It is what our great state is built upon.

Read the full story here.

After lying low for several weeks since news broke of her lying about her past tribulations.  Saying how hard she had it through college and with hr children.  Come to find out it we all a lie and that her ex husband payed for her college completely and that she left her kids behind with him during.  Then she had the gall to divorce him the same week that he made her final college payment.  What a joke.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Open Carry Texas staging marches weekly

We have had some interesting demonstrations the last few weekends here in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Awhile back they were walking in Keller.  This weekend Open Carry Texas were in Uptown Dallas.

Open Carry Texas is trying to raise awareness that all citizens should be allowed to carry pistols out in the open.  We already have laws allowing long guns (rifles & shotguns) as well as the concealed weapons law, but citizens are not allowed to have a pistol in the open.

I must admit it must have been a little disturbing for those residents to see a group of sixty individuals walking down the street all carrying military style assault rifles.  A few had pistols holstered around their waste but the were replicas to stay within the law.
Both demonstrations were peaceful with little incident.  Dallas police were on hand and for the most part the group got positive reactions...or nobody had the guts to give a negative reaction to a group with assault rifles haha.

After the march many of the marchers had lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant and nobody seemed to have a problem with it.

So where do,you stand on this issue?  Should Texans be allowed to carry pistols openly?

Personally, I just don't see the need or purpose for it?  Trying to show you are a badass?  What's the purpose?  I am all for freedoms.  I am deep Texan at heart.  I think government needs to stay out of our business and that President Obama is a socialist disaster.

I have traveled internationally several times.  Most recently to Peru where seeing a couple f soldiers standing on the street corner carrying machine guns is quite normal.  It didn't bother me, but I certainly took notice.

So what do to think?  Open carry pistols?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Friday Night Tykes gets a personal foul

Friday Night Tykes has been happily tucked away on Esquire.  Thus most of America has yet to see this documentary style show about youth football in central Texas.  That might not be a bad thing to keep it on the down low.

I stumbled upon it a few weeks back late one night and was horrified.  Third graders being told to hit other players so hard they injure them.  Profanity everywhere.  Out of control parents.

Being a youth coach myself for over seventeen years, almost everything about this show is wrong.  Unqualified, dad coaches.  It is just a bunch of dads out there yelling, screaming and berating these youngsters.  For every one positive comment there are ten negative comments.

It is everything that is wrong with youth sports.  Watch just one episode and you I'll see why this youth football league is out of control.  What are we teaching these kids?

Finally, main stream media is taking notice as to how these adults are treating and teaching these third graders.  Right.  Third graders.  ABC World News did a story tonight about the misguided show.  It seems two of the coaches have been suspended for shoving kids and speaking to the boys in a violent manner.

About time.  This whole league needs to be disbanded and the dads need to go back to the gym to relieve stress rather than influence our youth in such a disturbing and negative way.

Friday Night Tykes - personal foul 15 yards

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valhalla Rising - anyone make sense of this movie?

Well last night I got a serious case of "the cant sleeps" and decided to get up about 3am and see what we on television.  I stumbled upon the movie Valhalla Rising on Showtime.

Now I do enjoy myself some Viking history so I decided to give I a chance.  Pretty much anything on the History Channel that involves Norse themes i watch.  So i settled in. I mean what else is on at 3am on a Saturday night right?

Let's just start by saying this movie is a bit out there.  I wouldn't term Valhalla Rising as an action movie by any means.  There are moments of action though.    Valhalla Rising follows a Viking called One Eye.  He is used for sport as a basic gladiator defeating everyone he meets.  One Eye escapes and latches onto a group of Christian soldiers.