Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jesse Jackson arrives in Dallas to save the Ebola day!

Thank Goodness that Jesse Jackson is now in Dallas to get this Ebola thing straightened out!  We all have been waiting.  He is surely needed here for sure.  And was anyone surprised when he showed up playing the race card?  Typical Jesse Jackson.  Has he ever had anything actually constructive and positive to say about anything of late?  All we hear from him is "race" this or "race" that.  I feel extremely confident that if my non African American self had Ebola that Jesse Jackson would not being showing up to check on me!

So now he feels that the poor Liberian Thomas Duncan who lied to his home country officials to get here in the first place carrying the deadly Ebola virus has been mistreated.  The Dallas hospital did not treat him because he was poor, had no insurance and most importantly was black.  Somehow Jesse Jackson is ignoring the ridiculous costs of Mr Duncan's ongoing care that is estimated at easily $25,000 per day.  Oh and he must also be ignoring that ALL of these expenses are being paid for by the very generous American taxpayer despite ALL the responsibility of the situation the fault of Mr Duncan himself.

But surely Jesse Jackson can help the situation.  Running around stealing all the camera time he can get blabbing on about how race put Mr Duncan in his predicament.  I can see a lawsuit coming soon for sure.  Hopefully if Mr Duncan gets any settlement he will receive a bill for all the medical costs he incurred.  Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson will just run to the next "event" where he can get on television and cry race.