Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Bernie Sanders Plan for America

So what have we learned about Bernie Sanders so far?  He is a 100% socialist.  Sometimes he says Socialist Democrat.  Other times he just calls himself a socialist. Either way the Bernie Sanders economic plan for the United States is worth looking at.  He wants free Medicare for all.  He wants free college for all.  Sounds all good.  But who pays for all that?

According to Wall Street Journal research, the Bernie Sanders plan would cost an additional $18 trillion over ten years.  That's crazy!  Consider the fact that our entire national debt is currently $18.3 trillion.  These Democrat policies are a disaster for our country.  Of course the poor love the ideas because they get more freebies for not working.  Barack Obama already added more to the United States National Debt than every single US President before him combined.  Bernie Sanders would double that!

So how would Bernie Sanders pay for his socialist ideas?  Raise taxes.  The tried and true Democrat idea.  Barack Obama didn't raise taxes enough, thus the monstrous rise in our national debt.  Obama just spent dollar after dollar after dollar and never paid for it.  Bernie Sanders has identified over $6 trillion in higher taxes for American citizens so far.  That would leave another $10 trillion to go onto the US National Debt.  Not what we need at all.  We will be Greece in no time under Bernie Sanders' socialist rule.

Some other socialists from the last century just to  freshen your memory.  Karl Marx with his Communist Minifesto.  Joseph Stalin.  Lenin.  Fidel Castro.

Enacting his program would be difficult, if not impossible, given that Republican control of the House appears secure for the foreseeable future. Some of his program would be too liberal for even some centrist Democrats. Still, his agenda articulates the goals of many liberals and is exerting a leftward pressure on the party’s 2016 field.

Americans clearly have not thought about Bernie Sanders in any detail.  They just see the only alternative to Hillary Clinton.  Every time I see Hillary Clinton all I can think of is liar.  I cannot stand her. But I can also see that Bernie Sanders would be far worse if he were elected US President.  And that is saying something.  Both Democrat options for US President are total disasters.  Bernie Sanders would bankrupt the country faster than the Democrats already are.