Monday, March 9, 2015

The Returned series opener on A&E. Watch it!

I have been waiting on this one.  Having watched the entire Les Revenants last year on Starz I was really looking forward to thee American version.  Les Revenants was a hit in Europe made in France.  If you have not seen it, you simply must.  Brilliant is an apt description.  It made such a splash in Europe that we just had to copy it here in the States.  I had to tune in to see how the two versions compare and differ.

I am excited to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead on board.  I loved her in Scott Pilgrim.  I also immediately took to Camille.  Very well cast and true to the French character of Camille.  So far. So good.

It looks to be following pretty closely to Les Revenants and if that is the case this is going to be a hit in the US!  Prepare to be totally weirded out.  I expect The Returned to be just as dark and intelligent as the French version.  I will say the music was better in the French show.

It only takes us fifteen minutes to be introduced to the young boy as Julie drives by him in her car late at night.  She calls him Victor as he is not a talker.  You will love their relationship as it develops through the series.

The opening episode is moving much faster than the French version.  If I remember right Les Revenants used an entire one hour episode to introduce each character as they returned.  We have already met three in this opener of The Returned. That leads me to my main concern.  Character development.  In the French version you really got to know the characters and their struggles via the one hour episodes.  Hopefully the American version gives us the same amount of character development.

I'll not continue with the play by play.  All I will say is you need to watch The Returned.  I hope it is just a good as Les Revenants.  If it is even in the ballpark you will not be disappointed!