Friday, January 4, 2008

What can we learn from the Iowa caucas?

What can we learn from the Iowa caucus of last night? Alot.

From a Democratic perspective. Hilary Clinton is in big trouble after the poor performance. Getting blasted by Barack Obama and losing 2nd place narrowly to John Edwards. Obama has major momentum now and after delivering a rousing victory speach look for the rest of America to give him much more respect. He suddenly looks much more electable. He brought out a youthful vote and also performed well with the female voters an area Clinton wanted to dominate.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney took the major blow as all his money was not able to buy a victory. Instead, Mike Huckabee turned out the religous voters in large numbers and swept to an easy win. So who can challenge Huckabee? John McCain is expected to provide a solid competitor down the line.

The main thing I took from the caucus was that Iowa, and probably the whole of America, is ready for someone new....someone not from the mainsteam political world. Obama is a new man on the scene only 4 years ago practically unknown. Clinton got blasted for being a typical Washington politician. Same thing on the Republican side. Huckabee won, while Guliani and the other mainstream politicals got blasted.

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