Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's the purpose of Superdelegates?

So what is the purpose of these so called Superdelegates? Superdelegates are seated automatically, based solely on their status as current or former elected officeholders and party officials. They are free to support any candidate for the nomination. So why should a select handful be free to go completely against the democratic will of the people? We have already seen many of these Superdelegates pledge to Obama or Clinton even though the rival had won the state in which the Superdelegate resides. Seems to defeat the purpose of voting in the first place. So it is still conceivable that Obama will win the most states, win the popular vote handiliy and end up losing the Democratic nomination due to these Superdelegates. Doesn't seem right to me at all.

See which way the Superdelegates are pledging HERE .

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