Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mafia Wars - Here Comes Moscow!

For all you Mafia Wars players out there, and there are an easy 5 million of us, get ready for Moscow. Yes, the Moscow expansion is coming soon....very soon. It couldn't come soon enough either as many of us are finishing or are alrady done with Cuba and ready for a new challenge. Moscow will require you to be at least level 70 to visit and word on the street is that Mafia Wars Moscow will be much much tougher then New York or Cuba.

New York was pretty much a breeze, with money easy to get and jobs definitely doable. The only real challenge of New York was getting enough of those damned cell phones to actually finish up.

Cuba was tougher for sure. Money was much more difficult to obtain and getting started took time. More challenging and more fun. I'm hoping Mafia Wars Moscow takes the same step forward.

The biggest difference in this expansion? Mafia Wars Senior Product Manager David Kahn says it will have, "a new look and feel," and, "will be much harder than other expansions we released before, more geared to higher level players, level 70-plus."

Also unlike the other Mafia Wars scenarios, missions will be broken down into chapters, and you will not be able to see the next set of missions until you complete a chapter and defeat the boss at the end. Players will also have to rely on friends more than before to defeat these high-powered crime lords.

Once Moscow is taken care of Mafia Wars players can look forward to Asia and Western US expansions as well.

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