Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will Americans be Forced to Buy Health Insurance?

The new Health Bill is coming. Make no bones about it. The Democrats are going to force it through whether it is good for the country or not. A requirement of the new healthcare bill will be that all Americans will be forced to buy health insurance. Isn't a major problem with the current healthcare system that uninsured patients are being forced to be given treatment. These uninsured patients are thus absorbed by the system forcing costs up for everyone.

Well let me ask this. How can someone too poor to be able to afford health insurance now, be forced by law to buy health insurance once the bill passes? What will be done with these people? This is like trying to solve the homeless problem by requiring all people without a home to buy one or face breaking the law. Huh?

President Obama said in a speech that for those that cannot afford health insurance the government will provide it via tax relief. Well let's see. Someone earning $10 or less an hour does not have a tax burden at the end of the year and all the withholding they paid for the year will still not pay the cost of health insurance for that person. How will you give someone that has no tax burden a tax credit?

The fact is that a portion of the American public cannot afford health insurance and the US Government is too broke to buy it for them. So what is the solution?  These people will not buy health insurance.  Instead they will receive a bill in the mail from the US government as those without insurance after Jan 2014 will be penalized.

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