Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mafia Wars - Moscow revamped

Well it seems Mafia Wars Moscow was a little too daunting. I agree there was definitely a cash problem as it was tough to get enough to really blast through the episodes, but it also made it a challenge. Personally, I enjoyed the challenge of actually having to plan how to efficiently use energy rather than just fly right along.

I guess enough people complained though and Mafia Wars tweeked some things. It looks like the businesses now yield much much more. Looks like the payout had been tripled on each business. The other major change is the elimination of bribery. This will save tons of cash as I was paying a good 30% of each yield in bribes.

All in all Mafia Wars just became easier. I would rather have kept the challenge in the game, but either way it won't cause me to change my strategies moving forward in Mafia Wars.

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Ecoistabode said...

Well after a few days of the new Moscow it is obvious money will never again be an issue. Way too easy now.