Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go get your Meteorology Degree!

I always tell my soccer players to go get a meteorology degree when they head for college. I was always joking because we live here in Dallas, Texas. So all summer long it just doesn't take much talent to be a weatherman. Everyday is 100 and sunny. The seven day forecast is 100, 102, 101, 102, 101, 103 and 102.

Not a cloud in the sky. Just doesn't seem like too difficult a job to me. If it does accidentally rain nobody cares that you missed the forecast because it rained! Even in the more difficult times where we get thunderstorms or cold fronts it just doesn't matter if you miss the forecast. The weathercasters on the local news here have been there for decades. David Finfrock can barely say a full sentence anymore without having to take pause. They have their jobs matter how many predictions they miss.

Well, seems my advice is even better now. A new article hit showing the college degrees with the least unemployment for graduates and meteorologist is listed at 0%. So get a meteorology degree and get a job for sure. Not too shabby.

A guaranteed job. Almost perfect job security. And a job where you can be wrong all the time with a summer that you basically have to do nothing. That's the ticket!

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