Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another year, Another BCS fail

Well what is new. Another college football season and another totally failed BCS system. Now don't quit reading yet. I don't have a big problem with the LSU - Alabama rematch in the National Championship game. I agree they are most likely the two best teams in the country (no doubt about LSU).

Oklahoma State has a bit of an argument as they did beat more teams with a winning record than Alabama did (7 - 3), but in the end LSU - Alabama looks solid. Just keep your fingers crossed that someone can at least score a touchdown this time before half the country falls asleep in another 6-6 snorefest.

The Rose Bowl got it right. Just like last year when they had TCU and Wisconsin in a wonderful game, this year they have Oregon facing Wisconsin. A great matchup of contrasting styles. The high flying offense of Oregon against the powerful running game of Wisconsin.

Credit to the Fiesta Bowl as well. #3 Oklahoma State against #4 Stanford. Offense, offense and more offense. It's the other BCS games I have issue with.

The Sugar Bowl completely flopped. #14 Michigan? Sure they have a very high profile quarterback and will bring a zillion fans, but come on. Even worse...Virginia Tech. Didn't they get blasted by Clemson in the ACC Title game? Who wants to watch this game? Boise State - Michigan would have been fascinating. Instead #6, #7, #8 and #9 all got passed over for this gobbler.

And now the Orange Bowl. They give tickets away for $1 to get fans to come to the Orange Bowl lately. This year's matchup is no better at all. West Virginia - Clemson. #15 against #23. Ouch. In truth it will probably be an entertaining game, but nobody west of the Mississippi will tune in at all.

The real problem is that the BCS ignored top teams that played all year to get a top 10 ranking. Instead the BCS went with #11, #14, #15 and #23. Yuck. Please give us a playoff!

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