Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vikings on The History Channel Great Television!

Well let me start by saying that I completely enjoy Vikings on The History Channel. Do I have some issues? Of course, but overall it is a fresh and fun series. The Norse are not a popular or overdone subject by any means and I think that is the main reason I am enjoying the show so much.

 The environment and scenery is breathtaking. All I can say is "Wow". Scandanavia is quite gorgeous. I have made several trips hiking in the Colorado Rockies and I have travelled extensively in Peru. The scenes in Vikings rival for sure. It has definitely put the area of Europe on my map for a future hiking/exploring adventure!

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The characters are quite interesting. The main character is the best. Ragnar Lothbrok played by Travis Fimmel. He is the epitomy of Viking tough. He also has charisma and smarts though and Ragnar is clearly intent on leading raids to the west (England) rather than the east as has always been done.

His nemesis is none other than the Earl/Lord of the lands. A truly underhanded and  mean Viking by the name of Earl Haraldson who cares for nothing more than his own wealth and power. Earl Haraldson wants things done his way and anyone who does not fall into line suffers greatly. Vikings is the story of Ragnar's Viking friends and family and their trials and tribulations. I won't go into much more detail so as to not spoil the show for anyone, but trust me it is worth checking out.

My main drawback with the series is that it seems to fly along. I wish they would have doubled the number of shows it took to get where they are now. This would have given them time to really develop the interesting characters. If HBO had grabbed this project they would have done it on a Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire level. How great could Vikings have been?

It is still must see tv for me, but oh the possibilities. Any way around it though, Vikings is good television. The History Channel has taken pains to make the conditions and story historically accurate. It is a subject that television and film have yet to give much time to. Hopefully this series will change that as the Viking culture and conquests are quite fascinating.

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