Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mafia Wars South Africa is live and running!

The new rollout in Mafia Wars is live and active.  It looks like the biggest and most dynamic world as of yet too.  Mafia Wars South Africa hopefully will add another dimension to the longtime popular Facebook game.

South Africa has it all.  New jobs and levels.  All new properties to build.  An area to rob and an area to fight and create all kinds of chaos.  New collections to bank.  And a new round of achievements too. 

From the map of South Africa it looks like there are eleven regions to Mafia Wars South Africa.  Only the Cape Town region is unlocked at the start, but with eleven potential regions, South Africa looks to be a massive upgrade.

I am plugging away on the Cape Town section right now and it looks like they have made it a bit more challenging as you are going to need a ton of Kuba Caps for each level.  So be prepared to use that energy collecting the caps.  South Africa also looks to be very energy intensive.  The lower level Mafia Wars players are going to have a real slog.  It is clearly designed for the higher level players.

Money becomes a bit of a difficulty as you progress.  If you have alot you are going to be stuck carrying it around as you are only able to deposit R1,000 without upgrading your bank.  The best way to get money once you need it is to head out and fight.  Just fish around attacking until you find someone with money and then grab as much from them as you can.

There are four new collections to track down and each has a nice reward.  The rewards are 30 energy, 30 stamina and 35 health.  It looks like they are going to be a bit of a challenge as I knocked out the first level of Cape Town and only have three of the needed seven items.

Mafia Wars South Africa also offers five brand new properties to build and manage.  So far all I can see is the shipyard which will supply you with income and the R and D  Lab which should allow the the power to build items you'll need in South Africa.

Finally, it seems the experience reward per energy spent is of a poor ratio.  Meaning it is going to take alot more energy to gain a new MW level.  I run through my entire energy (almost 26,000) and find myself way, way short of gaining a new level.  Be prepared.

So get out there, travel down there and get to work on Mafia Wars South Africa.  It looks to be a fun, diverse and challenging new rollout for Mafia Wars.

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