Friday, December 13, 2013

Obamacare comes to Texas bringing higher rates to Young Workers

Our younger generation is under enough stresses already.  A very challenging job market, a languishing economy, many stacked with loads of student loans.  Shouldn't that be enough?

 Now, along comes the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Young Americans are starting to see that the law is incorrectly named since it is anything but affordable for them. Thus we will refer to it as Obamacare in the rest of this article.

Texas 20-something's are among the most adversely affected.  The Dallas Morning News researched Obamacare and released some startling facts lat weekend about the true costs of health insurance for them.  The rise in premiums is off the charts.

For a 27 year old male living in Dallas they averaged $69 per month in premiums before Obamacare.  Under Obamacare, the same person will now be forced to pay $173 per month.  Almost triple!

For a 27 year old male living in Austin, last year the average health insurance cost was $59 per month.  Under Obamacare the same individual will now average a cost of $109.  Double.

And the Obama administration wonders why nobody is signing up.  Forget the broken website.  The cost structure is a disaster for healthy, young Americans.  This is why websites like are gaining such traction.

The stated goals of Obamacare  Is 7 million Americans signed up.  Of those 7 million, a minimum of 2.7 million must be young, healthy citizens.  The latest numbers released showed a grand total of 365,000 have applied.  Yikes.

The fact is that young Texans will not sign up for this.  Heck, I am 42, perfectly healthy and will not sign up for this.  I'll gladly pay the small fine next year rather than the outrageous premium.

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