Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Islamist ISIS cowards continue acts

What are these ISIS militants trying to accomplish by posting videos of the unjust beheadings of two journalists?  Do they think it will make the world leave them alone to carry out their attrocities?  These people are nothing more than cowards.  They do not even have the guts to do much more than parade around in masks with their faces covered.  Cowards who are scared to stand by their acts.  They hide themselves from their family and religion.  They live in a desert of filth and prostitute their so called religion.

Do they think a couple of videos will make the Americans stop?  Of course not.  Americans are the strongest and toughest on the planet.  This will only bring even more pain to ISIS and the whacko Islamists.  It will just hasten their demise and deaths.

I can only hope President Obama has the guts to really go after these cowardly men.  He has been undeservedly soft so far, but I feel he will finally be spurred to stronger action.  There is no place on our Earth for these cowards not even the crappy desert of Iraq and Syria.

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