Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Response to Free College Tuition

This message is to all you dumb college kids expecting the socialist Bernie Sanders to give you all free college or to all you dumb graduates in your early 20s expecting the socialist Bernie Sanders to forgive your debt.  Understand that YOU chose to go to the college you attended.  Understand that this is a free market, a free country and you could go anywhere you choose to get a college education. The debts you incurred are and were of your own choice. 

Why should a socialist like Bernie Sanders take my hard earned money away from me in the form of crazy taxes in order to pay off the debt you chose to take on?  I am not responsible for your choice of college.  I am not responsible for you taking on debt.  If your debt is too large you should have gone to a less expensive college. 

It is really sad that when you knuckleheads were in the college that you chose, you failed to pay any attention or even take any economics or business classes that might have explained how the real world works.

It pains me to see so many of our young 18-25 year olds embrace socialism just for the simple fact that some old life-long politician is promising you crazy stuff for free.  Please understand this is not how the real world works.  To give anyone something for free we must first take the means away from someone who worked hard to earn that.  I would rather not have my earnings taxed at a socialist rate to give you free crap you did not earn.  Why you think you deserve so much for free is frightening. 

How about doing what made our country great for over 200 years. Go earn your way.  Go be a productive citizen. Quit running around expecting people to give you shit for nothing. Understand that free crap comes at a cost for someone else who earned it! 

As goofy and unproductive as our current politicians are thank the Lord that if somehow the crazy socialist Bernie Sanders accidentally wins nothing he proposes has any chance of ever getting done.


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