Monday, July 11, 2016

Did Guns not exist before Obama? Failed Leadership & Mass Shootings in America

I found some very interesting facts when it comes to mass shootings in the United States over the past 30 years.  It seems to have not been a big problem until the President Obama administration.  Check out these numbers on mass shootings in America.

George Bush Sr - 12 mass shootings
Bill Clinton - 23 mass shootings
George Bush Jr - 16 mass shootings
Barack Obama - 162 mass shootings

Wow! Basically a 1000% increase in mass shootings in our country during the Obama Presidency.  And all we hear out of our President is gun control, gun control, NRA, gun control.  Did guns not exist before President Obama took office?  Of course they did.

So just what has change over the past 30 years?

I think it is pretty simple.  We have absolutely no leadership in this country.  A President who would rather talk about gun control rather than the real problems of a crazy Black Lives Matter movement that is causing more problems than it is solving. Marching, rioting, looting. Solving nothing other than creating more civil unrest.

Too bad Obama and Black Lives Matter would rather spend their time on two police shootings (one of which is clearly not the officers fault & which they will be acquitted easily). Instead the focus should be on cities like Chicago where 64 people were shot just last weekend!  If Black Lives really mattered the movement would clean up their own neighborhoods. Quit trying to fix everybody else if you cannot fix yourself!

Basically we have had eight years of no leadership at all.  The worst President since Jimmy Carter and perhaps to go down as the worst President in our history.  Let's look at some accomplishments over the past eight years:
a 1000% rise in mass shootings
more people on welfare/food stamps than ever before
added more national debt than every President before combined
America at its weakest on the world stage since pre World War I
average wages down per family
1st President ever to not have at least one year of 2% economic growth
race relations at their worst since the 1960s
we can go on and on

Gun control is not the answer to our problems in stemming mass shootings in America.  The only people who will follow new gun laws are the good people. The bad guys will laugh and continue to have their weapons. None of these proposed new laws would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings in any way, shape or form. But yet we get to watch President Obama come to Dallas on Tuesday and give a big speech on gun control I bet you.  Wake up America. Wake up Obama.

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