Friday, December 23, 2016

President Elect Donald Trump gets to business while President Obama plays golf

So just who is running the country? President Elect Donald Trump doesn't take office for an entire month yet he is doing more for the country than our current President Barack Obama.  Donald Trump is hard at work while Obama is vacationing.  What's new I guess.... no President in US history has skipped more days in the White House to go play golf.  Listen to this statistic....Since Obama has been President he has played over 300 rounds of golf.  That's almost an entire year on the gold course when he should have been running our country! With as many rounds of golf that Obama has played during his Presidency, I certainly expect to see him on the Senior PGA Tour in a couple of years!

While Obama putts around on the green, Donald Trump is already getting things accomplished.  He saved a thousand American jobs from leaving the US by pressing Carrier.  He has pushed Boeing to reduce the cost of two new Air Force One jets and succeeded. Trump is putting pressure on defense companies to reign in out of control costs. Excesses and taking advantage of the American government is going to be reduced under Trump.

It is greatness and Donald Trump has not even been sworn into office yet! Just what all will he accomplish once he gets in there?  As a guy with a finance degree it is incredibly gratifying to finally have a President who understands fiscal policy.

Meanwhile, we have watched President Obama spend like a crazy man the past eight years.  Our national debt has doubled under his watch to a ridiculous twenty trillion dollars!  Obama has added more debt than every single American President before him could combined. He has made it so unruly it is basically unfixable. Obama has had exactly zero fiscal responsibility.

So what is the Barack Obama Legacy? A historic increase in the national debt. A stagnant economy that has shown the least growth of any American President in history.  A completely failed healthcare reworking. Stagnant wages.  Almost fifty million Americans on welfare. Not to mention our diminished respect on the world stage.  It's been a bit of a disaster these last eight years.

In steps Donald Trump.  This man will be hands on.  Where Obama golfs Trump gets shit done! So sit back and watch as sparks fly and greatness happens!  Finally we are going to have a President that is proactive rather than planning his next round of golf.

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