Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interesting quote from CNBC this morning

Here's a telling quote from CNBC this morning.....
The 5 scariest words in the human language -

"Hilary Clinton, Commander in Chief"

Interesting to hear how bad she would be for business....raise individual taxes .... raise corporate taxes .....raise the capital gains tax .....

Not good for business .... only good for those on welfare and in the low income sectors. I am all for helping the lower class, but not by stepping on the investor and middle class that make this country run. Raising corporate taxes will not help the lower class as it will be the lowest paying jobs that will be eliminated to make up for the loss of profits from higher taxes. Where is the progress there? By raising small business taxes you actually will eliminate the under $15 an hour jobs of the people you are trying to help.


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