Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh No Don Vito in trouble!

Don Vito, the fat crazy guy nobody can understand from Viva La Bam is in big trouble it sounds. Seems he has been convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault of a child. YIKES!

Vincent Margera, 51, who was accused of groping three girls ages 12 to 14 during an autograph signing event last year at mall skate park in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, fell to the floor cursing and yelled, "Just kill me now." He faces a sentence of probation to six years in prison on each conviction. If he doesn't comply with sex offender treatment as part of the sentence, he could potentially spend life in prison, district attorney's spokeswoman Pam Russell said.

Hopefully he makes it out ok.  Who doesn't love seeing all the spots he gets himself into on Viva La Bam.  Personally he is my favorite part of the entire show every week with his crazy speak and reactions.

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