Thursday, October 23, 2008

If We Are in a Recession Why are the Candidates Wasting Money Like This?

I don't think anyone will debate the fact that the United States, and the whole world basically, is mired in an economic downturn. Why then are our Presidential candidates wasting money like they are?

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been exposed recently for spending ridiculously on her wardrobe for the campaign trail. For someone who has presented herself as a maverick and a simple country girl/small town girl, these purchases are crazy. $75,000 spent a Neiman Marcus and $49,000 spent a Saks Fifth Avenue. Keep in mind that this was not her own money at work. It was campaign money.

Now Obama is making a trip to Hawaii to visit his grandmother. Of course I am sensitive to the fact that his grandmother is ill, but that doesnt give the right to spend campaign/taxpayer money to do it. Should he get a private 727 at our expense?

Just two more examples as to why our government is so far in debt.

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