Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Will Schwarzenegger Do After California Governor?

What will Arnold Schwarzenegger do after California Governor? The former movie star and popular governor will defeinitely have options. It's just a matter fo which direction he chooses to go after his term expires.

The 61 yr old Republican governor has been asked repeatedly whether he would entertain a position if offered one by the Democratic president elect, most likely focused on alternative energy or other environmental initiatives.

Will he share the stage with Al Gore as a global environmental crusader, promote green technology for a Barack Obama administration, run for the US Senate? Or might he pursue political reform on a broader scale, as he has hinted in appearances with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who shares Schwarzenegger's independent streak?

Schwarzenegger's name comes up as a possible US Senate candidate should Senator Dianne Feinstein decide to run for governor in 2010 or if he chose to run against Senator Barbara Boxer. Both are Democrats. But a governor accustomed to bright lights may be unlikely to feel satisfied in the Senate, as one actor in a cast of a hundred. His centrist political philosophy also could make it difficult for him to survive a Republican primary in his home state.

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