Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can We Get Rid of This BCS System Yet?

Can we get rid of this stupid BCS yet? My goodness. January 1st used to be the holy grail of college football days. Now it is hardly worth turning on the tele. Clemson? The team that started the year ranked in the top 10 only to finish unranked and without a coach....and who did they play again? Nebraska? About the 8 best team in the Big 12? Now thats some great New Years Day football there.

And much thanks to the BCS for ruining what used to be the best of all the bowl games the Orange Bowl. We got to see two teams that wouldnt have finished top 3 in any other major conference in the nation. Half the stadium were empty seats covered with tarps and if you really wanted to actually go you could have gotten tickets for $1 on the web. OUCH.

Then we get to watch two teams that REALLY deserved to be playing in those games fight it out before Christmas when TCU and Boise State played the best game of the entire bowl season with TCU winning 17-16.

Utah showed the strength of the Mountain West with their win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. How does this conference not have an automatic BCS berth? Seriously. A crappy Virginia Tech and Cincinatti gets a bid over TCU? TCU would throttle either of them by 20. The Big East football stinks. ACC should stick to basketball. Dont even get me started on the Big 10. Wow does that conference get over-rated every single year.

Can we just get rid of this stupid BCS and get a playoff by now?

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