Sunday, January 18, 2009

When is the Best Time to End Your EBAY Auction?

For anyone who sells on Ebay it is a question whose answer is the difference between getting a good selling price or an average selling price for your merchandise. When is the best time to end your auction on Ebay?

I know personally there have been many auctions I had been planning on winning, but forgot about, or got busy with something else. When I remembered it had already closed. One key is to not have your auction end around people's "busy times".

General consensus for the best time to end an Ebay auction is between 10-12pm eastern time. This is the main selling time because all three major US time zones are past dinner and into the evening leisure time.

Weekends are also the best time to end an auction. Shoot for a Saturday ending or a Sunday ending. Next best would be Friday. Avoid weeknights for the most part. Always go with a 7 day auction as well. This will give your item ample time to be seen, watched and bid upon.

Good luck and may all your Ebay items sell well!

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