Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hostages Freed from Pirates but Pirates let go

OK now get this one.....NATO forces tracked a group of Somali Pirates that had tried to capture a Marshall Islands flagged tanker. The NATO force tracked the Pirates back to their "mother-ship", a Yemeni flagged fishing ship that the Pirates had seized on Thursday. The NATO forces borded the Pirate "mother-ship" and rescued 20 fisherman who were being held hostage.

No problems there at all....good job NATO forces...caught the Pirates....rescued the hostages. Here's where it gets ridiculous. The Pirates were let go because the NATO forces had no authority to arrest the Pirates. It seems the NATO forces were Dutch and to be able to make an arrest the Pirates would have had to be Dutch as well. Now how silly is that? The Somali Pirates are never going to stop if everytime they get caught there are no consequences. They'll be right back out there next week.

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