Thursday, May 21, 2009

More new taxes coming. This time its Beer and Wine

The democrats are floating new tax ideas. Last week it was soft drinks like Coke and Dr Pepper. This week it is beer and wine. The plan is up to $2 per case of beer to help fund health care. It will not be a big deal to my pocketbook given the fact that personally I drink about six beers a year nowadays (seems I have outgrown it in my 20s).

BUT bottom line it is just more government taxation in a time when the economy does not need more taxes. Furthermore, the brunt of this tax will be shouldered by the middle and lower class, who studies show are the major consumers of alcohol in the United States. So the people Obama campaigned for on a stance of lowering tax burdens will be the ones to feel this the most.

Stop the extra taxation and be fiscally responsible. In my life if I can't pay for it then I don't get it. Period.

Alcoholo Taxation ....bad idea.

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