Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow a tax on Dr Pepper and Coke is next from the Democrats?

Seriously Obama. Now a tax on soft drinks? Tax hikes left and right. Typical democrat policy. Tax and spend. This was the first April in the history of our country that the government ran at a deficit. In 250 years! Now they want to add a tax on Dr Pepper and Coke? Come on.

How about we just stop giving a year of unemployment benefits to allow these people to sit on their couch and do nothing, we cut it in half and have them go get jobs. No we would rather have a government that allows them to do nothing and get paid for it. I drove down our main street this morning and counted six help wanted or hiring signs in different businesses. No lets just keep the ridiculously long free money for doing nothing policy and instead tax soft drinks.

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