Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our taxpayer dollars used to send a letter warning of another letter

I just received a letter telling me to be ready next week to receive another letter. How silly is that you ask? Well ridiculous. Who would ever do such a thing you ask? Well it is our US Government spending our taxpayer dollars. In this time of massive national debt, budget cuts and overruns, unemployment and tough economic times our tax money is being spent to send letters telling to expect another letter in a week.

I received a letter yesterday telling me I would get another letter next week for the US Census. I wonder how many millions of taxpayer dollars and how many hours of federal employee work time went into sending millions of US citizens the letter to watch out for another letter. What a joke.

And we wonder why government is so inneficient and runs at such a deficit. The people who decided to send the letter speaking of another letter should be fired.

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