Friday, January 22, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok is Live!

Well Mafia Wars Bangkok has gone live and Zynga has given a select few special passports to gain access and play the Bangkok beta. I am level 441 and did not get one of the passports but luckily a friend did and shared one with me. So now I am live in Mafia Wars Bangkok.

Here are some of my initial thoughts. There are two factions in Mafia Wars Bangkok. Yakuza and Triad. You'll support one or the other as you progress. After perusing through the store it looks to me like Yakuza is definitely the more offensive group as they have weapons almost double the power of Triad. On the other hand, Triad is much more defensive minded offering less attack but much more defense. Yakuza offers an assassin while Triad offers a Shaolin Bodyguard instead. These are only available in the Faction Store. There is the traditional set of weaponry, vehicles and armor that is available to all.

Another very obvious issue is that the experience reward in relation to energy spent on the jobs is poor compared with New York, Cuba and Moscow. Level 1 jobs on return 47xp for 35 energy, 43xp for 31 energy and 108xp for 91 energy.

Keep an eye out as I will post more as I get deeper into Mafia Wars Bangkok.

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