Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is BYU thinking?

Wow, talk about dumbest move of the century. BYU going independent in football has to be one of the most ill-thought moves in college football history. BYU was already a program drifting downward. They have fallen well behind fellow Moutain West mates Utah and TCU. Adding Boise State to the MWC made BYU want to do nothing but run for the hills.

So what will be the result? BYU gets a game against Texas and then what is left of the WAC (not much after Boise, Neveada and Fresno are gone) is going to supplement part of the schedule. OK. So that's a game with Texas followed with Utah State, Hawaii, Idaho Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State. Now that's a great schedule shaping up there. Fill it out with other schools that aren't playing conference games in November that are willing to play.....ok so we'll finish the schedule with Akron, Memphis and North Texas.

Whew that's some bigtime college football there. But hey, at least BYU can air all their games on BYUTV and they won't have to get plastered by TCU on ESPN anymore.

Let's not even bring up the rest of BYU athletics which get thrown out the window completely. They get to play in the WCC conference. So much for BYU basketball. Can't wait for that conference home and home schedule of Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Portland and St Mary's.

So once again....BYU what are you thinking?


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