Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eight simple ideas to promote your Facebook page

Well I would venture to say that just about everybody is on Facebook these days. And with tons of individual users come the businesses and webpages that follow the potential consumer. So you want to build a Facebook page to promote your business, nonprofit or webpage? Here are 8 simple ideas to promote your Facebook page!

1.) Promote your page to your friends -- You have your own group of friends on Facebook and I am willing to bet some of them are interested in the work you do. Send them a personal message inviting them to check out your page. Just invite your friends who may truly be interested.

2.) Put a Facebook button on your webpage -- This might seem obvious, but most organizations don’t do it. Grab a button and flaunt it on your website, your blog, or anywhere else you have available pixels.

3.) Send updates to your fans -- Facebook allows you to send updates to your fans, and by all means you should. Just make sure they’re interesting to your fans, not just to yourself.

4.) Use Facebook Ads -- This is an inexpensive way to reach tons and tons of people. Create different ads targeting different chunks of your target audience, or several for the same audience, and track them to see which ones are most effective.

5.) Create an incentive to become a fan -- There are a lot of Facebook pages out there, so give people a reason to become a fan of yours. Have a monthly prize draw just for your fans, offer a discount to an upcoming event, or make special announcements on your page before you do elsewhere.

6.) Keep your Facebook page fresh -- Do not make the mistake of neglecting your Facebook page. Keep the content fresh. Don’t forget the viral nature of Facebook. When someone interacts on your page it may appear on that person’s Facebook feed, promoting your page to their friends.

7.) Interact with your fans -- Don’t leave your fans hanging. Respond to comments on your page. Ask them questions in the discussion board. When someone new becomes a fan of your page, sent them a message to say hello.

8.) Do not SPAM! This is actually one way not to promote your Facebook page, but just don’t do it. No one likes to receive Facebook updates every other day from anyone, so don’t abuse the privilege.

Best of luck on your Facebook journey. We have been using the above ideas to help promote our two Facebook pages, Soccermogul and Ecoistabode. Feel free to check us out on Facebook and we hope you enjoyed our eight simple ideas to promote your Facebook page!

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