Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ohio State President gives senile view of BCS

So the Ohio State President E Gordon Gee went off and flapped his guns the other day saying how Boise State and TCU do not deserve a shot at the national title over a 1 loss Ohio State claiming their schedules are not strong enough. First I will respond to the schedule issue.

Let's look at the Ohio State schedule for this year.....Hmmmm....Marshall, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois. A murderers row for sure. In fact, Ohio State will have played exactly two teams that are ranked by the end of the season and they will have lost one of those two (Iowa). One win. Boise State will have played two and TCU will have played one. So throw that schedule issue out the window.

Here are some exerpts the response from TCU AD Chris Del Conte from his interview on ESPN radio:
1. TCU is 16-3 against BCS schools over the last decade.
2. We know we've arrived when the president of a major university makes these kinds of comments, you know we are on a national stage when this happens
3. Buckeyes vs. Horned Frogs -- anytime, any place -- we'll tee it up!
4. On teams who haven't played us and don't know us yet...."When they get their teeth knocked in, they'll know who we are"....

Here is the response from the Boise State President Chadd Cripe:
1. "Presidents who stand up and talk about values and trust and fairness and access and equity speak with forked tongue when it comes to athletics — and it makes no sense to me how they can be so absolutely wrong and know it and yet stand up as the pillars of moral rectitude."

What a joke. Both TCU and Boise would blast Ohio State this year head to head. Too bad Ohio State would never schedule either school as they are too busy with a nonconference schedule of Marshall, Ohio and Eastern Michigan.

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