Friday, January 28, 2011

The Basics of Rockhounding

Rockhounding can be very rewarding for both the serious collector as well as the hobbyist. I think everybody has a little rockhound in us. The thrill of the hunt.  The yearning for "treasure".  I can remember the times when I was a little kid searching around my grandmothers creekbed finding fossils and having a blast all by myself.

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Every collector, regardless of how serious they are, will need to know a few basic tools. Everyone needs a geologists hammer (geopick). The geopick is a hammer which is flat on one end and comes wither to a point or chisel on the other. If you are more serious about your collecting you can invest in a crack hammer, pry bar, chisels and wedges to aid in your collecting.

The Do's and Dont's of Rockhounding
The Do's
1. carry lots of water
2. communicate with others where you are going
3. watch for snakes, cactus or other dangerous plants or animals
4. be careful with fires
5. watch the weather
6. carry sun lotion & wear a hat

The Dont's
1. go anywhere alone
2. drive where your vehicle cannot
3. leave trash behind
4. trespass
5. collect more than you need

For some wonderful rockhounding and treasure hunting articles check out TexanTreks. 

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