Wednesday, May 11, 2011

President Obama completely out of touch with Texas border problems

Tuesday President Barack Obama visited El Paso, Texas and proved just how out of touch he was with the border issues facing Texas. Fighting political gridlock that has doomed immigration legislation for years, President Obama made his first visit to the border since taking office and told activists and immigrant rights supporters it’s up to them to force Congress to act.

Instead, he made the case that with more Border Patrol agents, a border fence and falling crime rates, he has checked border security off the to-do list. Obama proclaimed the border fence done and the Texas-Mexican border secure drawing jeers and boos from the crowd. Obviously he has not been keeping up with the press reports over the last few years giving evidence of out of control drug cartels and murder after murder.

Illegal immigration continues to be out of control with immigrants crossing the border and receiving free benefits from the American taxpayers. The border has been reported as 44% secure. Texans begged to differ with the Obama position.

“Mr. President, 44% is a failing grade,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “If 44% is the most secure the border has ever been, it’s time to get to work to improve the grade. The American people expect nothing less than an A+ on border security.”

The President was booed once again when he said his administration is just a few miles shy of completing hundreds of miles of border fencing - something he supported when he was in the Senate. In truth there are hundreds of miles of unsecured and completely open border.


Anonymous said...

Immigration and securing the border were main issues of his campaign yet this was only first visit to the border areas.......

Anonymous said...

guess he understands he is not well liked in Texas.