Monday, June 20, 2011

Michelle Obama wasting American taxpayer dollars on another vacation

Well it seems Michelle Obama is off on another one of her famous "vacations". Last fall it was Spain where US taxpayers picked up the tab for Air Force One and $100s of thousands of dollars for 70 secret service and security personnel. This time it is Africa and the taxpayer is footing the bill once again.

Just so Michelle Obama, her mom and kids can go on a vacation to Africa? There's our taxpayer dollars hard at work! Oh, my bad. It is an official visit according to the White House. Botswana? Seriously? A safari? Dinner at a game preserve? Sounds like an official visit to me.

Fresh off the "London Leisure Tour" that the American taxpayers funded and now off to Botswana with the entire family in tow. Isn't it wonderful that we give millions upon millions of our money to countries that hate us. Now we have to fund vacation after vacation for the President's family and friends.

A trip to Africa to inspire African about trying to inspire American youth. How about instead of wasting $10 million taxpayer dollars on a trip to Africa we put that money to work in towns in the USA that have a need?


Anonymous said...

Amen brother! With the economy in the crapper, seems inappropriate to be taking this expensive trip which in no way will help our financial mess nor contribute to our national security. As for our image abroad, we first need to address our domestic problems. No matter how much foreign aid we throw at these third world countries, they will continue to hate us.

Anonymous said...

More than 35,000,000 American citizens are out of work, our government is heading for bankruptcy, and the President's wife takes her family and staff on an multi-million dollar family vacation to Africa at the taxpayer's expense.

What is right with this picture?

Anonymous said...

the obamas are determined to see the
entire world at the taxpayers expense
before he is ousted out of the white
house. my son in law works for the
government but i dont get to go with
him at the expense of the taxpayers.
this country has really gone to pot.