Friday, September 14, 2012

The Arab Spring turns dark

The Arab Spring.  What was hoped to be a time of enlightenment and progress has turned out to be nothing other than a plunge into deeper darkness.  From Khadafi to this?

A poor, backwards part of the world is devolving into further chaos.  Over 20 countries are in deep states of protest and rioting.  The time is coming that this will have to be dealt with.  Unfortunately, our President is too busy fundraising to do much on the subject.  He has not even been in Washington DC for days.

Another attack on American property or embassy will have to be answered.  It must be dealt with in force.  The question is does President Obama have the guts to act?  I am not so sure.  So far we have done absolutely nothing.

These people are crazy.  They are full of hate towards the United States and everything we stand for.  We should not stand by and allow these scum-of-the-earth act as such.  The crowds are chanting "Death to America".

At the very least we should stop sending foreign aid to the Middle East.  We send $1.5 billion to Egypt alone every single year.  What an absolute waste.  Especially when we have $16 trillion in debt ourselves.  Afghanistan gets $3.9 billion!  Pakistan hates us, yet we will send $3.1 billion their way this year. 

One of the stated purposes of our foreign aid is "to promote democracy".  How is that working out?  These people hate us.  The Islamic radicals are in charge.  The Muslim Brotherhood is in control.  These people are whackos.

The Middle East is a ticking time bomb.  It will eventually explode.  One of our closest allies Israel will need to be defended and we will rise to help them without doubt. 

Could we be on the verge of another World War?  Possibly so.  The Middle East radicals will stand together .  We will stand with Israel and Western Europe will stand with us as well. 

Is this where we are headed?  Possibly not in the very near future, but I fear this lies within our time horizon.  Let's hear your thoughts in the comments!

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