Friday, October 12, 2012

The Vice Presidential Debate - What an Independent Witnessed

I understand that the Democrats were a little hurt after the first Presidential Debate between Romney and Obama. The President showed little emotion or little enthusiasm at all while Romney clearly delivered an intelligence response to all the questions.

 Last night it was like night and day. Vice President Biden was the wild man. He reminded me of the crazy old man at the Dairy Queen, drinking his coffee at 6am and debating the issues of the day with his farmer friends. He was rude. He was loud. He was borderline nuts. If laughing while your opponent is speaking means winning a debate then so be it. If yelling and ranting when it is your turn to speak means winning a debate then so be it.

 Last week Romney won the debate with class. Delivering solid answers in an intelligent way. If you think Biden won last night then he won in the exact opposite way. It was the crazy old man approach. He was even yelling at the poor moderator sometimes. A clear lack of class. I guess that is why Obama has kept Biden under wraps the last four years and not let him run around making alot of statements in the media. It was obvious the Democrats were desperate. The display last night clearly energized the left. The right were turned off for sure for the poor display from Biden.

The issue is not the left or right voters. They already have their mind made up. The issue is the independents who may not be leaning one direction or the other. What did they see last night? A young, intelligent Paul Ryan against a ranting, laughing old man. That should be what is taken away from the Vice Presidential Debate. What did an independent see?

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